Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

Throughout the many years of working with clients, we have gained a thorough understanding of their needs, preferences and expectations when it comes to retirement planning and investment management. The majority of our clients are either retired or approaching retirement. Preservation of capital and

making sure there is sufficient income even in the most adverse market circumstances becomes top priority at this stage of retirement planning.

Using both our practical experience and knowledge of relevant academic research, we have developed our advisory procedures and investment approach with these objectives in mind. Rather than trying to time the market and predict future moves of individual stocks, we focus on structuring our clients’ portfolios in a way that provides the maximum possible degree of capital protection with regular retirement income and consistent growth in the long term. Our invest¬ment solutions are designed specifically with pension trusts in mind and approved by pension trustees.

The cornerstones of our portfolio construction approach include exposure to a wide range of stock market indices, exchange traded funds and other collective investment vehicles, carefully selected and diversified across asset classes, regions, industries and currencies.

We focus mainly on investment solutions that are easy to understand, carry reasonable setup and maintenance costs and remain effective in the unfortunate event of death of the first spouse. When preserving performance, continuity of management and an ongoing advisory service is essential to protect the financial well-being of future generations.

Risk Related Investment Strategies

We always tailor our recommendations to the particular client’s unique circumstances and needs, starting with factors such as age and risk profile. Risk tolerance and investment objectives undergo considerable changes during an investor’s life. Investors approaching retirement age should have their portfolios structured differently to than those in their 40s, when wealth creation is still the primary objective. That said, decisions should not be based solely on age and other individual factors must be taken into consideration.

As one of the initial stages of our advisory process we work closely with each client on identifying his or her individual risk profile. It is essential that clients are candid about their views and expectations at this point. Our advisors have experience in assisting clients by asking the right questions.

Asset classes and individual investments are then selected and their weights determined based on the investor’s risk profile.

During ongoing portfolio reviews and client meetings the risk profile may be updated as the client’s circumstances change.

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